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Sudden Deaths in Custody (Forensic Science and Medicine)

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Sudden custodial deaths in the wake of violent restraint encounters have emerged as a critical issue for police, correctional, and medical care workers around the world. In Sudden Deaths in Custody, leading researchers and experts review the medical, legal, psychological, and administrative aspects of violent restraint encounters and offer insights into controlling such incidents. The authors assess the medical considerations in such cases, including how the stress of an encounter may influence the physiological responses of the subject, how chemical substances may affect the behavior of and contribute to the death of the person in custody, and offer an explanation of the role of excited delirium. The authors also address the use of force involving neck holds, restraints, aerosols, tasers, and other physical restraints. Numerous examples illustrate the nature and problems associated with sudden in-custody restraint deaths, along with a survey of the issues involved in performing a custodial death investigation and the legal question of civil liability. The authors also discuss risk management strategies, policy and procedure concerns, training issues, subject monitoring, prisoner transportation, officer incident reporting, and investigating an incident from an agency perspective. Comprehensive and authoritative, Sudden Deaths in Custody illuminates the many facets of sudden in-custody deaths to better prepare police officers, administrators, investigators, and medical personnel for such events and the frequent civil lawsuits claiming wrongful death.

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Civil Liability Issues in Corrections


Annually, prisoners file more than 25,000 lawsuits against correctional personnel over a wide range of confinement issues. This book has been designed to keep personnel and students abreast of such litigation by addressing the varying topics, legal principles, and standards that have been developed by the United States Supreme Court. It provides an analysis of the civil liability issues that surface from confining detainees in jails and prisoners in adult institutions. Discussion of the trends in prisoner litigation for the past forty years is presented, combined with a legal analysis of the evolution of prisoners’ rights and an examination of the impact of the Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1996. Ross also provides an assessment of the Federal Court system and a discussion of how Section 1983 lawsuits are litigated.

Civil Liability Issues in Corrections reviews over 100 United States Supreme Court decisions and provides an assessment of numerous lower courts’ decisions in applying the Court’s standards in fifteen common prisoner litigation issues. Emerging themes are the use of force, cross-gender supervision, deaths in custody, medical/psychiatric care, and employee litigation against correctional managers; the book integrates case analysis and prior liability research in these correction content areas. Also included are an examination of line level officer and administrative liability responsibilities; a discussion on how to build a defense to future litigation; and a look at policy, training, and supervisory concerns.

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Facts 101 Textbook Key Facts

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