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Why the Eques Group?  It was no accident that the founding partners chose Eques. It is the Latin word for “Knight.” The Knight was expected to have not only the strength and skills to face combat in the violent era of the Middle Ages, but was also expected to temper this aggressive side with a chivalrous side to his nature. The ideals described were emphasized by the oaths and vows that were sworn in the Knighthood Ceremonies, much like the Oath a Police Officer takes today. The virtues of the Knights of King Arthur’s Court are the same as today:  To serve citizens with valor, to protect the weak and defenseless and fight for the welfare of all, to live with honor, obey authority and to always speak the truth.

The Eques Group’s approach to risk management was developed through decades of experience working within the law enforcement profession. We use research-based, evidence-based and field-proven methods to offer our clients practical, rational and sound risk management solutions. The Eques Group’s approach goes beyond certification and verification. With direct input from our clients we assist with the development of policies, implementation and monitoring of the processes to help meet or exceed established standards of professional law enforcement.

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