Eques Group - Risk Managment

Cyber Security for Municipalities and Agencies:

Cyber Security or “Cyber risk” is not one specific risk. It is a group of risks, which differ in technology, attack vectors, means, etc. Our Eques Group team of Certified “White Hat Hackers” will assist your agency in developing a Risk Management Plan designed to provide you with systematic and organizational solutions.

Our security team has 40+ years of securing networks of all sizes and complexities in many industries including public sector (government/education), healthcare, financial, service provider, SMB and more.


Penetration Testing


A penetration test is often a key requirement for
compliance with key regulations. But while many organizations know they need penetration testing, it can be hard to know how to fit them into a larger security program, or even how to get started.

Our cyber security experts can help your organization with these key regulatory requirements with our comprehensive penetration testing.


Network Scanning


With the increasing complexity of networks, the number of vulnerabilities being discovered daily, the speed at which exploits can launch malicious code and the ease of installation of rogue devices, performing vulnerability and network security assessments annually, bi-annually or even quarterly is no longer a viable risk mitigation strategy.

With an average of 310 new operating system and application vulnerabilities announced each and every month the need to do active network scanning is essential. An automated, frequently used vulnerability assessment and management solution is your best option for eliminating network vulnerabilities.

Our security experts will work with your team(s) to install a solution that will contentiously scan your network to alert you to new vulnerabilities. 

Network Security Consulting

A holistic approach to network security consulting requires more than just implementing a hardware or software device, it is a process that should be built to address the specific threats and risk that your organization faces. Every organization needs to understand what they are protecting, how it will be protected, and when they have been successful. Every organization’s needs are different due to compliance requirements, business needs and industry-specific threats.. Eques network security analysts are vigilant about staying up to date with the latest security tools, threats, compliance regulations and industry developments. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the IT security industry, each organization requires a customized approach that best fits their needs. Our Network Security Consulting services is designed to assist with items such as:

• Risk identification and assessment
• Vulnerability remediation
• Secure network architecting
• Regulatory compliance requirements (PCI, NCUA, HIPPA, GLBA etc.)